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Late Summer Fishing

Late Summer Fishing

Lots of cod conger and plaice and the sight almost Carribean with 40 or so dolphins gamboling in clear blue water seemed to make this job very worthwile indeed.

I personally caught several plaice the best of which went 6 1/3 pounds the best this year and the cod and conger seemed prolific.

With 5 tons of cod being caught (and thrown back) by inshore fisher men we were bound to catch a few and we did on Sunday with 11 cod being caught on lug and squid all just a few miles out.

The biggest was lost by amanda and I estimate it nearly 20 lb but she did make amends and caught another at 11 lbs. Well done to David for catching the best conger which went just under 40lbs.

 Fishing trip Summer


Sea fishing picture 

A GREAT Day's Fishing!

Fishing Model posing with Cod :-)

A picture worthy of the cover of a magazine - and a great cod!

Skipper Brian Kent with 2 Plaice

Skipper Brian Kent with two plaice




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