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Alchemy of Wellness with 11:11 Meditation on 11 November

Alchemy of Wellness with 11:11 Meditation on 11 November
HAPPY 11-11-11

HAPPY 11-11-11 Alchemical You

Are you tired of being where you are?
Do you feel you've had enough?
Are you seeking inspiration?
Are you tired of yourself, of the people around you?
Are you feeling lethargic?

Time to reflect on what you've done in 2019 and what you've yet to do in 2019.....and into 2020.
Are you happy with who and what you have become in 2019?

In this 11-11-11 Meditation Workshop, we will be:

Asking important and empowering questions to enable you to come to terms with who you are becoming.
Coming to terms with the changes in your life.
Coming to terms with the reality of your life.
Cleansing your energy.
Addressing aspects of your life that need addressing.
Walking your true path.
Aligning your true path.
Looking at awakening.
What is your awakening?
Activating your multi-dimensional awakening.
Activating your multi-dimensional transformation.
Activating your multi-dimensional process of growth.
Finding the gift and the blessings in your life right now.
Turning poison in your life into medicince.
Activating your self mastery and your opening to more.
Channelling the 11-11 gateway and the 11-11 portal.
Looking at your inner path, your inner truth, the silence of your mind, your relationships, your religion, your spirituality, your own development, your education, your connection and communication.
It will be intense and specific.
You will go through a purification.
You will be more in control of thoughts and emotions.
You will be more centred in yourself.


How does 11 affect your life?
What is the significance of 11 in your life?
11-11-11 is a time for multi-dimensional activation.
We'll be looking at the multi-dimensional layers of your Being.
It will be intense.
It will be specific for you and it will bring it home to you.
We have the 11-11 gateway, the 11-11 passageway and the 11-11 portal.
What is th benefit of the 11 number?
How can you use it in your life?
What is the meaning of this number on a deep level and how do you activate and channel what it is?
May the number 11 anchor into you.
May the number 1 anchor into you.

HAPPY 11-11

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