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Tapping Through Physiotherapy

Tapping Through Physiotherapy
Suzanne at www.eft-scripts.com on the 5th take of this video :) showing how I went through the most horrible physiotherapy exercises by tapping on the Top of the Head point whilst saying profanities in my head. In the previous videos, I also showed me doing the exercise. However, my microphone decided to die! So I think you can tell by my face that I am actually doing a hard exercise.

Raw and real, as usual. If uttering profanities as you tap is not for you, you can sing instead :)

Many thanks to my lovely physio who gave me this actually very helpful exercise. Half-marathon in 3 weeks from this video. Had a bust knee till about 5 weeks ago. Between the physiotherapy and EFT, I will be ready on time. Actually, I think I can run it now.

If you have some hard physical exercise that you have to do, try tapping. It makes everything go much easier (despite the facial expressions)...

Could do with fixing those teeth though. Not a nice camera angle :)

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