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EFT Tapping For Stress And Worry

EFT Tapping For Stress And Worry
Suzanne from www.EFT-Scripts.com tapping for my own stress, so you can borrow from my own tapping. This is my personal vlog channel, where I show my own recovery journey and invite you to tap (do EFT) with me. You can play this video over and over again until you get the smiley face I got :)

If new to EFT, please please please download my free EFT How-To For You from my www.EFT-Scripts.com so you can follow and get the benefit, otherwise it is really hard to follow what is happening, as it involves lots of modern concepts and innovations. I now take these for granted, but when they were new to me, I did need to read a whole guide to get anywhere in the first place :)

I love o comment, ask questions, share (and if you like this one, a like would be nice). Happy Tapping!

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