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Happy New Moon in Leo - 1 August 2019

Happy New Moon in Leo - 1 August 2019
PISTIS SOPHIA - 'The Faith of Wisdom', by the Hurtaks - page 501,

"And around the Throne are 24 thrones, and upon these thrones, I saw 24 elders seated, dressed in white outer garments and golden crowns upon their heads. And from the throne comes lightning and voices and thunder, and 7 lamps of fire burn upon the throne, and these mean the 7 spirits of God. And in front of the throne is a glassy sea like crystal. And in the midst of the throne and around the throne are 4 living creatures that are full of eyes in front and behind... and each of them having 6 wings, all around them and beneath them they are full of eyes. And unceasingly, day and night, they say: HOLY HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY WHO WAS, AND WHO IS, AND WHO IS COMING! KODOISH KODOISH KODOISH ADONAI SHADDAI."

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