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An Interview with Toks Coker - Opening to More

An Interview with Toks Coker - Opening to More
Toks Beverley Coker is interviewed by the lovely Maxi Lichtenberg; we learn about Toks' Divine Gift - her Healing Work with Hands of Light. Toks shares how she helps her clients transform pain and suffering into happiness and joy, helping them to manifest their life goals and more.

As we draw closer to Toks' Cyprus retreat, titled, 'Opening to More', we hear Toks talk about the challenges of 'Opening to More' in one's life i.e. moving beyond fear and the pattern of retreating into oneself.

We hear Toks talk about expanding yourself and your life, inviting in more happiness, more joy, more love, more healthy relationships, more success - on all levels etc.

Click this link for more information about the retreat and to book bit.ly/2AVoUtx

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