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A Tribute To Fishing Boat The Enterprise 2

This is the Enterprise II Tribute Page

From 1998 - 2005

60 lb+ Congers, Wreck 6 miles South of Beachy Head

A Pair of 60 lb+ Congers

Wreck 6m South of Beachy Head

19 lb cod, Wreck  5 Miles South of Beachy Head

19 lb Cod

Wreck 5 miles south of Beachy Head


9 lb Bass, Royal Sovereign Shoals

9 lb Bass, Royal Sovereign Shoals


Dave with a 4 1/2 lb bream

Sovereign Shoals


Hold it up!

Cod and plaice,

part of a mixed bag


A GREAT Day was had by all!

5 lb Plaice

Nice 12 lb pollock!


Which one shall I gut first ...?

First Plaice! ~6lb


Cod caught on pirk - 17lb

3lb striped pout

"It gave a great fight"

Alan with nice wreck bream

Mike "Pout" McLeod


A Mixed Bag In May

Andrew with 4 lb plaice

Mark with conger

40+ Plaice - Who caught what??  - May

Watch those jaws!

Some Nice Pollock!



Japanese Visitors!

Happy Anglers!


Some Nice Wreck Cod

Aaah ... :-)


Some Good Bream


Johnny's first conger!

A 65lb conger

Mark's Diverse Divers!

Pete Glazzard with a nice 70lb conger!

Pete with Pollock and Bream

Loads of plaice! Captured first hand! Who needs bait ..?

The Martello Pub Fishing Squad!


Fish Of The Day - Cod over 20lb!

Cod or Barracuda??

Henry, Mike & Co - a mixed bag ...


Glen & Co with a good catch of cod.

Large plaice caught late July

Great outfit. Nice fish, too :-)


"When fish do not come to men, the men (and women) go to the fish ..."

Well it's not all about those fish is it ...

Hats off to those plaice catchers ...

A Family Fishing Party, ready to do battle!

Nice one, mate! Dave with 8lb bass

Just a part of a good plaice catch

Who's The Shark?

Happy Lady With Big Flat Fish :-)


Back in the harbour and ready to gut

Who is catching what ...??

Fish Wrestling with Colin & Co

Help me carry that fish ...


Time moved on ...

Dial up was replaced by broadband.

The images got bigger.

And so, it seems, did the fish ...


Mummy! Mummy! Daddy caught a shark ...!!!

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